Visitor center - Headquarter

The exhibition spaces

A small multi-vision show sets the topic of the visitor centre with an introducing lecture.

The permanent exhibition of the centre breaks itself to the visitor by the view on the central point of the exhibition, a 10m high model of a rock. A bridge over the bordering ravines leads to the exhibition areas. Here several topic sets are staging the national park. They inform about the free and uninfluenced development of natural processes in the national park and about the relationship of humans and nature. A computer simulation shows the developing history of the landscape. The fascinating spacious impression of the landscape is obtained by a virtual camera flight in most modern 3D graphics.

Alternating exhibitions (2nd floor) showcase different aspects of the culture landscape Saxony Switzerland. The first one deals with the topic "work in the culture landscape" and presents different landscape-bound crafts. Beside the historical quarry especially current occupations and initiatives in the region are highlighted.

A large multi-vision show in the cinema with unique impressions and pictures from the national park, addressing the visitors emotions, completes the tour.

In the external area our youngest guests will find enough variety at our well arranged play and leisure facility.