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The dormouse ( mascot of the national park )

Dormouses are shy, night-active rodents. They are called also sleeping mouse, since they oversleep the winter term and become active only in the warmer season.

The dormouse has large round eyes, a mouse-like shape and a characteristic bushy tail. During the summer months they eat for the winter fat and thus keep their quite round body form. Our dormouse, the garden dormouse, is the most colourful native dormouse. A safe method to distinguish them is its black face mask. The garden dormouse prefers to live between the rocks. Thus the national park Saxony Switzerland is the absolute best place. That can get about 11 to 16 cm large plus 9 to 12 cm for the tail.

Why is the dormouse a symbol for the national park Saxony Switzerland?

Due to its large population in the Saxony Switzerland the dormouse represents a zoological especialness in the region. Three of the five genera with only one species each are living in the Saxony Switzerland. The three species of dormouses, which can be found here are the garden dormouse, the fat dormouse and the hazel dormouse.
Especially for the garden dormouse, as being the typical cave dweller, the national park with its protected rocks and forests is the ideal habitat.