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AGB´s Spasstours

We organize guided hikes on the lesser known, but still demanding routes in the Saxony Switzerland. Difficulty varies and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed ;-)

An experienced mountain guide will back up your security. These migrations can also be part of one of our organized day programs.

Climbing courses: The possibilities in the "climbing park" Saxony Switzerland with approx. 1200 summits are almost inexhaustible. The daily routes are arranged after your desires. Also cave explorations in the Bohemian Switzerland can be organized.

Fee: (incl. 16% VAT and equipment) flat rate for a mountain climber with max. 3 participants
1 day  € 190,-
3 day € 500,-
5 day € 800,-

group programs on request!

You have to bring along the following things: old hard-wearing clothes, trainers or climbing boots, a backpack, food and of course good spirits.

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