Project days

Get out of the classroom and into the nature!

  project day Water Hiking  

With ours entirely capsize safe life rafts, which can take from 6-8 and 8-12 persons respectively, you are going to experience the river Elbe. From Königstein to Pirna we will actively travelling for about 5.5h, which includes a midday barbecue. Besides a canoe – abc and safety lesson the trip will be accompanied by a practised and proven lifeguard in a motor boat. All young person will receive a life jacket.  

Participant 16,00 Euro  
  our extended tour (lasting several days) as an addition to the first project day  

With the river migration from Schmilka to Dresden (3 days) the complete organization will be led by our team:
Selection and booking of the campgrounds and campfire places
Supply of food and kitchen equipment
Transfer of the tents (provided by us), personal luggage of children
Guidance with all activities, attendance during the entire tour

Participant 90,00 Euro  
  Cave tour  

An particularly interesting subject which awaits you is our cave tour with a speleologist.
The trip will take about 5h and brings you to the Quirl at Königstein, the second cave-richest table mountain. It can happen that you will need move in face-down position or on your knees in order to explore some caves. A flashlight is required !!!

Participant 9,00 Euro  
  Climbing – abc  

For first climbing attempts we offer
a "climbing ABC" at our two 8m to high climbing towers in the renting station. Here the pupils will get familiar with the climbing material and safety equipment.

Participant 14,00 Euro  
  Adventure tour – fixed rope route  
As a following day to the "climbing ABC" the "Adventure tour – fixed rope route" is the perfect choice. The challenging mountain path is secured by a steel cable non-stop and difficult sections have spurs and ladders respectively. On this tour your acquired knowledge and the safety equipment will be used in practice.
We offer: :
Safety equipment
max 5-6 children (youngsters) per climbing-experienced companion
technical hike and climbing guidance

Participant 25,00 Euro  
  Climbing course at a nature rock  
“Climbing course at a nature rock” with climbing equipment, for everyone who is truly interested in climbing at a nature rock. Fun by learning is guaranteed !

Participant 18,00 Euro  
  Adventure – Survival – abc  
You will spend this day in the forest and between the rocks of the Ochelwände.
There is a small survival training arranged for you. Things like how to secure yourself with a rope and knots in difficult areas, to cross obstacles or a brook, how to orientate with a map and a compass, climbing and roping as well as how to make fire without matches will be taught. ing as well as fire making without matches. At the end everyone is invited to test his skills in archery.

Participant 16,00 Euro  

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