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40502 Decin - Tetschen
Janov 51
phone: 00420 737657293
15 beds + additional bed
person per day: 17€

Unsere Pension ist ein idealer Ausgangspunkt für Wanderungen zum Prebischtor oder eine Kahnfahrt in den Klammen. Auch die Elbtalaussicht Belveder ist nicht weit einfernt.
Unsere Pension ist das ganze Jahr geöffnet und bietet 15 Personen Platz. Unser Parkplatz ist abschließbar. Räder und Motorräder werden ebenfalls sicher untergestellt.
Im Außenbereich gibt es zahlreiche Sitzgelegenheiten auf der Terrasse und im Garten.
Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch !
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01796 Pirna
Niedere Burgstraße 3
phone: 03501-466875
18 beds
double room per day: 75€
single room per day: 42.50€

The Pension Donatus is a very valuable patrician house of the Renaissance. Changes to the interior and modifications of the facade in the 17th century and a baroque transformation from 1737 characterize the image of the house permanently, which is composed of at least three previous houses.

Thanks to the pastor to Putzkau Donatus Lange, who was the owner of the house from 1556 to 1562, our guests can enjoy their breakfast in a room with a historic wood-beamed ceiling. The imprinted stroke on the painted wooden ceiling in the suite is descended from the New Testament: "The measure of our life is seventy years; and if through strength it may be eighty years, its pride is only trouble and sorrow." Today, people are surely of two minds about it. However, for us it is important to make your stay effortless, neither full nor busy.
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01796 Struppen
Hohe Straße 57
phone: 03501 466875
28 beds + additional bed
person per day: 35.50€
double room per day: 71€
single room per day: 46€
object per day: 90€
object per week: 630€

Zu Füßen der majestätischen Festungsanlage befindet sich der "Kleine König“ unsere Pension mit besonderem Flair. Ihren Ursprung hat die ehemalige Pension "Zur Festung Königstein" bereits vor 25 Jahren. Die Anlage wurde von Grund auf saniert und bietet unseren Gästen (in 6 Zimmern und 4 Ferienwohnungen) ein modernes Ambiente gepaart mit sächsischer Gastlichkeit in einer der schönsten deutschen Urlaubsregionen.
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01824 Rathen
Laasensteig 1
phone: 035021 68302
35 beds + additional bed
person per day: 30€
double room per day: 50€
single room per day: 30€

Our houses in the health resort Rathen are in a calm elevated location (200m above sea level) at the forest and in the middle of the national park Saxon Switzerland. The scenic nature with pictorial rock formations invite for hiking and climbing. Good traffic connection with train, ship, car and if desired we pick you up at the train station in Rathen.
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01796 Struppen, OT Naundorf
Am Bärenstein 23
phone: 035020 75790
8 beds + additional bed
object per day: 32€

Recover apart from noise and hectic…
Walk through untouched natural landscapes and bizarre rock worlds…
Visit the water park in the neighbouring town Wehlen…
Use the local horse riding possibilities…
Sun yourself on our meadow…
Enjoy the cosy and familial atmosphere of our pension Bärensteinhof in Naundorf.
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01796 Struppen / Weissig
Auf der Laase 21
phone: 035021 99288
24 beds + additional bed
person per day: 31€
double room per day: 62€
single room per day: 35€

Above Rathen on the "Laasen" hill, there is, like a castle, the Pension Laasenhof. Here you'll find nine lovingly decorated rooms, a bungalow for families, a restaurant with fresh, creative cuisine and a lovely terrace and a cozy wine cellar - all located in the natur. Take a deep breath and enjoy! Because "FEEL AT HOME IN THE SAXON SWITZERLAND - that's our slogan.
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01814 Bad Schandau, OT Krippen
F.-G.-Keller-Straße 15
phone: 035028/859600
15 beds
person per day: 18€
double room per day: 37€
single room per day: 23€

Family-led pension, rooms at ground level, breakfast area with view to the Elbe and the Schrammsteine, 3000 square meter flower garden, direct location at the walking route “Sonnenuhrenweg”, good connection to public transportation .
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01855 Sebnitz, OT Lichtenhain
Kirnitzschtalstr. 11
phone: 035971 53733
20 beds + additional bed
person per day: 37€
double room per day: 74€
single room per day: 48€

Almost 150 years ago, the "Lichtenhainer Wasserfall" was already one of the earliest famous features of the Sächsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland) and was the setting-off point for the first hikers who wandered on the "tourist paths" through this unique, beautiful region. The guesthouse, built in Swiss style in 1852, was, until the beginning of the 20th century, annexed to a chair-lift, pack-animal and guide´s station, so tha, to avoid the "terrible strain" of an ascent to the cow-shed, you could let yourself be carried up in the chair-lift by 2 carriers.
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01814 Bad Schandau / Rathmannsdorf
Zaukenweg 7
phone: 035022/42582
10 beds + additional bed
person per day: 25€
double room per day: 60€
single room per day: 39€
object per day: 50€
object per week: 350€

A relaxing holiday in Saxon Switzerland, welcome to the family-run guesthouse in a quiet Zaukental (OL Rathmannsdorf) directly on the forest and yet centrally located, 10 min. to the market place as Schandau, wharf and public. Transportation & shopping. An ideal starting point for hikes. System with 4 holiday apartments with shower / WC, kitchenette, 1 with balcony, with a covered terrace, 2 flats with 2 bedrooms and 1 twin bedroom with shower / WC / Fstck. , Patio, dining room with fireplace, breakfast menu, serving, Bicycle Rental, Bahnhofsshuttel, shared pool, lawn, P at the house, carport for rent.
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01796 Thürmsdorf
Am Schloßberg 3
phone: 035021 68319
8 beds + additional bed
double room per day: 46€
single room per day: 28€
object per day: 45€

Dear honoured guest,
our pension is in Thürmsdorf at just below of the fortress Königstein. 2 double rooms with lounge as well as 2 vacation homes are available.
Our small place is an ideal starting point for hikes to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, as well as for trips to Pirna, Dresden, Meißen,… . Further information can be found on our website.
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